John Wells.

John Wells , esq. : he was borne at . . ., educated at ... He was a Roman Catholique. He published an excellent treatise of dialling, entituled : 'Sciographia, or the art of shadowes, plainely demonstrating out of the sphaere how to project both great and small circles upon any plane whatsoever, with a new conceit of the reflecting of the sunne beames upon a diall contrived upon a plane which the direct beame can never shine upon, together with the manner of cutting the five regular Platonical bodies and two other the one of 12, the other of 30 rhombes never discovered heretofore, also the finding of their declinations and reclinations and adorning them with variety of dialls, all performed by the doctrine of triangles, and for ease and delight sake by helpe of the late invented and worthily admired numbers called by the first inventor logorithmes' ; by John Wells, esquire ; London, printed by Thomas Harper and are to be sold in Paul's churchyard at the signe of the Bell, 1635.