Richard Staper

Richard Staper, alderman of London : On the south wall of St. Martin Outwich church, London, is a faire monument with this inscription, viz. : Here resteth the bodie of the worshipfull Richard Staper, elected alderman of this city anno 1594. He was the greatest merchant in his time, the chiefest actor in the discovery of the trades of Turkey and East India, a man humble in prosperity, painfull and ever ready in affaires publique, and discreetly carefull of his private, a liberall howsekeeper, bountifull to the poore, an upright dealer in the world, and a divout aspirer after the world to come, much blessed in his posterity, and happy in his and their allyaunces. He dyed the last June anno Domini 1608. Intravit ut exiret. Besides the figures of himselfe and wife are 5 sonnes and 4 daughters. At the top of the monument is a shippe.