Olive Sherington

Being in love with John Talbot (a younger brother of the Earl of Shrewbury) and her father not consenting that she would marry him : discoursing with him one night from the battlements of the abbey church, said she, I will leap down to you : her sweetheart replied, he would catch her then : but did not believe she would have done it : she leaped down and the wind (which was then high) came under her coat : and did something break the fall : Mr Talbot caught her in his arms, but she struck him dead ; she cried out for help, and he was with great difficulty brought to life again : her father told her that since she had made such a leap she should then marry him.

She was my honoured friend Col. Sharington Talbot's grand mother : and died at her house at Lacock about 1651, being about an hundred years old.