Robert Sanderson

Dr. Robert Sanderson, lord bishop of Lincoln, would confesse to his intimate friends, that 'he studied and (Samuel) mastered only Tully's Offices, Tho. Aquinas's Harsenet, archbishop of Yorke, Secunda Secundae. And Aristotle s Rhetorique, alwayes earned it in his bosome. and that all other bookes he read but cursorily' : but he had forgott, by his favour, to speake of Aristot. Organon, etc. (Logique bookes), els he could never have compiled his owne excellent Logique.

From Seth Ward, bishop of Sarum, and (John) Pierson, bishop of Chester, his great friends. And bishop Ward sayd that he would doe the like were he was to begin the world again.

died in 1661.