Fabian Philips

(Catalogue of his writings.)

1. King Charles the First no man of blood, but a martyr for his people.

2. The antient legall fundamentall and necessary rights of courts of justice in their writs of capias arrests and proces of outlawry against peremptory summons and citations : printed 1676.

3. The reforming registry, against publick registries ; printed 1678.

4. Reasons for the continuance of the writs of capias and proces of

arrest against peremptory summons, etc. : printed 1675.

5. A view of the chancery.

6. The pretended perspective glasse.

7. Tuenda non tollenda.

8. Ligeancia lugens.

9. The antiquity of fines and amerciaments.

10. The mistaken recompence.

11. Restauranda.

12. Monenda.

13. Ursa major et minor.

14. Investigatio jurium et antiquorum et rationalium regni etc. : printed 1687.

15. Legale necessarium : about estreateing and leavying fines and amercements and other profits of the king's casuall revenues.