Edward Lane

In a letter from him to Mr. Crooke, thus, viz. :

As to the postscript of your letter, wherein I am desired to give an account of my academicall education, etc., know that in the yeare 1622, after I had been brought up to some learning in Paule's Schoole, London, I was admitted into St. John's Colledge, in Cambridge, where the president was my tutor ; and after I had duely performed all that was required of me both in College and Schooles, I tooke my degree there of Master in Arts in the yeare 1629. And ten yeares after that, viz. in the yeare 1639, I was admitted ad eundem gradum in the university of Oxford. In the yeare 1630, my Lord Keeper Coventrey gave (me) a little vicarage in Essex, called North Strobury ; and in the yeare 1635 his good Lordship removed me to the place where I now am. This I concieve is all that is now enquired of me by you. The Lord give me grace so to number my dayes that I may apply my heart better then I have yet donne to Spiritual Wisdome.

Good Sir, I am your true friend and servant,


Sparsholt, Hants.

Novemb. 16, 1681.